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Quality Management Plan


The Purpose is to define the quality techniques and standards to be applied, and the various responsibilities for achieving the required quality levels, during the Project lifecycle.

The Quality Management Plan is to ensure that the Project conforms and provide assurance that the Project conforms to the Project Process Requirements in particular the Project Change Control

Derivation and Source Requirements

The Quality Plan will be derived from the:

       Management System and in particular Project Management Processes,

       The Customerís quality expectations,

       The configuration management requirements, and

       Project Change Control


As a minimum the Quality Management Plan will define:

       Customerís quality expectations,

       Acceptance criteria,

       Quality Responsibilities,

       References to any standards that need to be met,

       The Quality control and audit process to be applied to the Project,

       An audit schedule including the scope of each audit,

       Change management processes and procedures,

       The Configuration Management Plan, see below,

       Any tools to be used to ensure quality.

Quality Criteria

Does the plan clearly define ways in which the customerís quality expectations will be met?

Are the defined ways sufficient to achieve the required quality?

Are responsibilities for quality defined up to a level that is independent of the Project Manager?

Does the Quality Plan conform to quality policies and procedures?

Quality Method and Skills

The Quality Management Plan will be derived by somebody with sufficient knowledge and experience working in a project environment.

It will derive the customerís quality expectations with experience of systems and ATCís expectations.

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